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The Wetland Center has partnered with regional school districts, wildlife and conservation organizations, and research institutions, to develop premier environmental education programs. The education programs focus on wetland and river ecosystems, bird migrations and water conservation. Research conducted at the Wetland Center will encompass wetland ecology, riparian ecology and watershed modeling.

The unique environmental education programs of the Wetland Center will give young students an opportunity to observe and collect data for research projects. This scientific inquiry method provides real life experience using field and laboratory investigations to solve problems and make informed decisions.

Field Investigations & Hands-On Science for High School & Middle School

Field Investigations & Hands-On Science for 4th Grade

HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS (Description & TEKS Overview)

Bird Adaptation / ID

Wetland Ecology

Plants - Work Horse of the Wetland

Wasting Water is Weird

MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS (Description & TEKS Overview)

Bird Adaptation / ID - Includes 5th & 6th Grade

Wetland Explorers Description of Classes - Includes 5th & 6th Grade

Plants - Work Horse of the Wetland - Includes 5th & 6th Grade

Wasting Water is Weird


Wetland Explorers

Wasting Water is Weird

Birds - The Nesting Generation


American Alligator
(Alligator mississippensis)

The American alligator has made its way to the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center!  Not swimming around in the wetland but safely housed inside our laboratory. Two juvenile Alligators were secured from the Richland Chambers Wildlife Management Area in June after our wildlife permit was approved by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. These amazing reptiles will add to the diversity and depth of our growing education programs. Known as a keystone species, the American alligator can rejuvenate a healthy wetland ecosystem by digging gator holes that provide important habitat for aquatic species during periods of drought.  Come by the Wetland Center and take a peek at our newest addition while rejuvenating yourself at our beautiful wetland!

baby alligators
Juvenile Alligators: August 5, 2011

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