Nesting Eagles at the Wetland Center

Nesting EagletsBald Eagles' Nest Moved to Safety: ONCOR workers successful moved the 200 pound bald eagle's nest that was sitting dangerously close to a high-voltage line on an ONCOR tower on July 12th - 13th. The tower arm was re-attached to a new and higer tower, providing a safe nesting are for when the eagles hopefully return after the summer. View News Video

Lone Star Adventures with Richard Ray - Fox 4 News
December 17, 2013
- the eagles have returned.

Eaglets at the Wetland Center - April 3, 2013
Dad Brings Fish For Breakfast - video

The eaglets have fledged (flown away) along with their parents and will hopefully return in the fall. Keep posted to our website for further developments.

UPDATE! The two juvenile Bald Eagles were spotted around the Wetland on June 6th. They are continuing to grow and strengthen.
Eaglets on Dead Tree

Please note the National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines at this link:

Blogs about the nesting Eagles - the following blogs have the most up to date information about this unique Eagle nest.

DFW Urban Wildlife Blog

Dallas Trinity Trails Blog

Thank you to our Volunteer Stewards Bill and Kathy Nance and DFW Urban Wildlife blogger Chris Jackson for taking these wonderful pictures of the Eaglets. Many hours were spent waiting for the perfect opportunity!

Eaglet on Dead Tree Eaglet Perched on Dead Tree Eaglet flying Eaglet on Dead Tree
Eagle Parents 4-6-13 Eagle on the Watch Watching the Nest Eagle of the Nest
Eagles 4-6-13 In Flight Eaglet Eaglet
Eaglet Eagle on the Watch Eaglet Two Eaglets
4-13-13 Eaglet Female Talking to Eaglets Eaglets 4-13-13
Soaring to the Nest Eaglets 4-13-13 Eaglets - Chris Jackson Eaglets - Chris Jackson


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