Virtual Discoveries

We are pleased to present a new series entitled “Virtual Discoveries.” Our Team has been busy making nature and the wetland available virtually via several types of videos. Whether it be discovering nature in your own back yard, through crafts, at the Center or by watching us by livestream, our Virtual Discoveries series has something for you. Enjoy!

We're excited to announce that we'll be streaming live from the field every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. through May.

Talking with the Eagles - April 18, 2020: Virtual Tour with Director John DeFillipo and our Eagle Wetland Experts
Wetland Boardwalk Tour - April 25, 2020: Virtual Tour with Educator Stephanie Weber
Bunker's Pond Trail Walk Part 1 - May 9, 2020: Virtual Tour with Educator Carol Garrison
Bunker's Pond Trail Walk Part 2 - May 16, 2020: Virtual Tour with Educator Carol Garrison.

Wetland Team members are visiting the Center to check on the grounds and our snakes. While we're there, we're taking video of the wetland, the boardwalk and trails to keep you connected to the Center. Check out this armadillo video that was taken shortly before we closed.

Join Educator Carol Garrison as she experiences "smoke on the water," a weather phenomenon that produces a very special fog. "This is the most surreal sunrise I've ever experienced at the wetland," she says. We would add, maybe the most beautiful and serene - and who doesn't need a little serenity these days?
Smoky Wetland Sunrise Video

Go behind the scenes with a fascinating tour of a crucial element of our wetland's ability to provide essential drinking water to much of North Texas. Tour the conveyance pump station with JBS Director John DeFillipo and Mark Law, East Fork Water Reuse Project supervisor with the North Texas Municipal Water District.
Conveyance Pump Station Tour

Name That Singer - Educator Carol Garrison recorded this video one recent foggy morning as the sun rose over the wetland. Can you identify the birds that are calling? (Hint: There are at least four.) Answers to the singers of these lovely tunes are under the YouTube video.

Join one of our team members from their backyard, and learn how you can have a nature center experience in yours! And be sure to download the fun activity sheet you'll find below each video.

Watch JBS in Your Backyard Video now!

Nature Scavenger Hunt and Draw Video
Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet

Rainbow Color Chip Activity Video
Rainbow Color Chip Activity Sheet

Incredible Edible Weeds Video - We all have weeds in our yard, but did you know that many of them make a great addition to any meal? Education Manager Linda Dunn introduces you to some of the incredible, edible plants lurking in your backyard.
Incredible Edible Weed Notes

Itchy Plants Video - It's that outdoor time of year, and poison ivy is everywhere. To make sure you enjoy your summer, know how to identify it, why it makes us itch, how to dress for it and, especially, how to treat it if you get into it while exploring nature (don't scratch!) Join Edie Hilborn for the first installment of Itchy Plants.
Itchy Plants Part 2 Video - Stinging nettle -- ouch! But Itchy Plants Part 2 puts you in charge. Educator Edie Hilborn's back to help you avoid the pain and enjoy the gain of being outdoors.

Butterflies In the Backyard Video - This program presents the complete metamorphosis life cycle of the Gulf fritillary butterfly. Under Educator Carol Garrison's guidance, students will learn a great list of vocabulary words and be able to fill out their own butterfly life cycle activity sheet after virtually observing all four stages of the butterfly in its natural habitat. Be sure to download the activity material that goes along with this video.
Butterfly Life Cycle Instructions
Butterfly Life Cycle Activity

Soil Testing in the Yard Video - During this Virtual Discoveries program, we'll be observing the type, pH and habitat health of soil. No fancy testing equipment is needed for Educator Carol Garrison's fun, hands-on learning experience.
Soil Testing in the Yard Instructions
Soil Testing in the Yard Activity Sheet

Stay connected to nature right from your home. Educator Stephanie Weber shares easy crafts made from simple items you probably have around your house. Up first is her DIY Nature Journal, followed by Tin Can Crafts. Share pictures of your JBS Craft Corner accomplishments with us on Facebook.
DYI Nature Journal Video
DIY Nature Journal Instructions
DIY Natural Journal Pages

Tin Can Crafts Video
Tin Can Bird Feeder Instructions

Mason Bee House Instructions

Pressed Flowers Picture Frame Video- Educator Stephanie Weber shows you how to turn the flowers in your yard into a decorative creation that preserves the beauty of nature. You'll find instructions for this craft linked below the video.

Director John DeFillipo was a featured guest speaker on Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio Show on Saturday, May 9, 2020. Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio, with weekly broadcasts on iHeart talk radio 1190AM at 3 p.m. Saturdays, is about more than just the environment. It’s more than just healthy living. Host Bernice Butler and featured guests examine topics that relate to the relationship between humans and our planet. Each one-hour program goes beyond the headlines to explore how myriad environmental issues we face today—climate change, plastic pollution, renewable energy, water, food justice and more—affect the health and wellbeing of each and every one of us. Click here to listen!

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